Philharmonic Cites $82,223 Income

Times Union News of Hudson and Columbia Counties · 1 minute read

The Hudson Valley Philharmonic has reported a gross income of $82,223 for its 1962-63 season, according to Leo F. Kilcoyne, president of the Philharmonic's Ulster County Council.

The report, filed with the American Symphony Orchestra League, noted that earnings from ticket sales and special engagements totaled $58,533, contributions totaling $23,690 were received from businesses and individuals.

Joseph F. Furlong, finance chairman of the Philhamonic commented on the report as follows: "We are pleased that our earnings amounted to over two thirds of income, due primarily to the economies in our three city operation. The national average for earnings of symphony orchestras in our class is almost exactly 50 percent."

The Philharmonic's basic budget for last season was $64,000 to support its regular series of 12 subscription concerts in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Kingston. In addition, special engagements amounting to $18,200 were performed throughout the mid-Hudson area.

Major items of combined expense were as follows: musical personnel $47,769, guest soloists $10,548, tickets, programs, and hall rental $8,213, advertising and promotional $3,628, and in-school concerts $11,080.

Peter K. McComb, president of the central board of the Philharmonic, stated that "The number of special engagements is particularly gratifying. We are glad of the chance to justify our Hudson Valley name and be of service to the area."

Last season for the first time the 75-piece orchestra played a special concert in Middletown. 55 musicians, conducted by Claude Monteaux, a Poulenc opera at Mount St. Mary's College in Newburgh, and a 33-piece "Little Symphony" gave concerts in Pawling, Amenia, Hudson, Monroe, Red Hook, and Beacon under the auspices of the New York State Council on the Arts.

Three series of chamber concerts were performed - at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, Storm King Art Center in Cornwall, and "Innisfree" near Milbrook.